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Exhibition |Uncertainty & Possibility by Priscilla Chan

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

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Uncertainty & Possibility

Natural Souces in Ceramic Glazes

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是次展覽中,我們邀請了跟隨多年的釉藥老師Priscilla Chan,展出她近年來的以本地自然物料為raw materials的釉藥作品。以天然物料製釉,是一場充滿不確定性的試探旅程,而物料內獨特的天然成份,亦能為作品們帶來更多的可能性。

而展覽期間我們將邀請Priscilla開設Artist talk,分享她的作品及製釉經驗,而除此之外她亦會開設特別課程,帶領大家一同走入自然之中,親力採集,並學習加入這些物料進行釉藥試驗。

After almost half a year of preparation, we are proud to present the solo exhibition of Priscilla Chan as our first show in 2022. In the exhibition, Priscilla will exhibit her works which have embedded local natural sources she collected in Hong Kong.

Along with the workshop, Priscilla will also lead a lecture where she will take us into the natural, and understand how to create glaze by using the materials collected from nature.


▫️展期 Exhibition Period ▫️

2022 Jan 2 (Sun) ~ 2022 Jan 31 (Mon)

▫️開幕式 Opening▫️

2022 Jan 2 (Sun) 4PM

▫️地點 Address▫️


Shop 105, 1F, 618 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK


▪️ About the Exhibition ▪️

One of the fascinations of working with ceramics lies in the opportunities that it provides for using local or ”found” materials in glazes, or in related ceramics surfaces such as terrasigillata or vitreous slips (化妝 土 ).

Often the most unpromising materials will transform themselves in the kiln to supply glazes or fired-qualities of great character and interest. As in the Far East, the ancient potters discovered the ample resources of the local countryside (rocks, clays, ashes & earth), which could be used as glaze materials often to spectacular effect. The use of these local materials often led to regional styles of pottery, such as the famous Jian-ware Chien- ware.

Contact with the source in nature Hongkong of clay & glaze materials gives me more control and scope for taking advantage of the variations that nature always offers.

▪️ About the Priscilla Chan ▪️

Born in Hong Kong. Studied pottery in Capilano University, BC, Canada. Priscilla has been influenced by British Columbia potters like Sam Kwan, Tam Irving, D’Arcy Margesson & Wayne Ngan.

Priscilla used to make salt-ware, love to make something beautiful which could enrich the ordinary rituals of life by giving expressive force to utility.

In 2016, Priscilla was invited to give a ceramic glaze lecture at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, she has spent more time on glaze study from then on.

Now, Priscilla enjoys the process of testing different materials, especially those drawn directly from the natural environment. Through contact with the source in nature of clay and glaze materials gives her more control and scope for taking advantage of the variations that nature always offers.

▪️ Special Course ▪️


本月除了有邀請到釉藥老師 Priscilla Chan於上海街分號開設展覽 「Uncertainty & Possibility」之外,我們亦榮幸地邀請到她在無用開設釉藥課程,為大家從原材料出發,更為深入地帶領大家瞭解釉藥這一門學科。


We are proud to present the glaze lecture led by Priscilla Chan. In this course, Priscilla will guide you to understand and collect raw materials from the nature. In the following a few weeks after the field trip, she will share her knowledge on how to process the materials and make them ready for glaze testing, you may test and create your own glaze recipes during the course. Only limited seats available, RSVP now!

【 Course Information 】

共四堂,逢週六 10:00-13:00 開課。

- Class 1 (15 Jan): Field trip to Kuk Po 前往谷埔認識自然物料,並享用谷埔地道客家私房菜

- Class 2 (22 Jan): Process raw material

- Class 3 (29 Jan): Making tests

- Class 4 (5 Feb): Review


// 課程價格 Price //

Early bird: 3600 HKD per ppl.

Original price: 4000 HKD per ppl.


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