Workshop Arrangement During Coronavirus Pandemic


- 為了給學員提供一個安心的環境,我們暫時不接受以下人士報讀課程:

1. 最近一個月有外遊紀錄的人士; 或

2. 家人或密切接觸者於最近一個月有外遊紀錄的人士


- 如上堂前有任何上呼吸道感染徵狀,麻煩請聯絡我們更改課程時間

- 已報名的學員,如擔心目前狀況,可與我們聯絡,推遲上堂時間

- 上海街分號體驗課程將維持小班教學,如有需要亦可以四人組形式報讀Private Class

- 新浦崗工作室的「拉坯入門班」本月將暫停報名,已報名拉坯入門班的學員,以及長期學員將不受影響

- 再次重申為保護他人著想,進入工作室範圍內請充分消毒,並戴上口罩

- 我們於工作室內已準備消毒噴劑,如有需要可用於消毒工具和圍裙等

- 為衛生著想,我們歡迎學員自備圍裙,亦可同我們購買自用陶瓷拉坯修坯工具套組。


【 上海街分號 | 選物 & 體驗課室】

📍 旺角618上海街1樓105店

🕑 1100-2100

【 新蒲崗工作室 | 拉坯課室 & 恆常課程 】

📍 新蒲崗七寶街7號利中工業大廈5F-A2

🕑 By Reservation

Given the recent critical situation with Coronavirus, our studio & store will have the arrangements as below:

- In order to ensure a safe environment for our students, for now we will not take reservations for people who:

1. Travelled outside of HK in the recent month; and/or

2. Have close contacts who have travelled outside of HK in the recent month

(We will ask you for this information during class registration, PLEASE inform us with your travel history)

- If you have any flu symptoms, please contact us to reschedule your class time.

- For any students who have signed up the upcoming classes, yet concerning about the current situation, you may reschedule your class with us.

- We will maintain small group class for workshops in 618 Shanghai Street, If there’s any needs, you are welcomed to sign up the 4-people private group class with us.

- We will stop take reservation for ‘Wheel-throwing entry-level class’ for SPK studio. If you have signed up this class earlier, or you are our long-term members, your reservations will not be affected.

- We would like to reinforce the message that you MUST wear a mask in the workshop area.

- We have prepared disinfection spray in the studio, you can use them before & after using the tools.

- In consideration of hygiene, you are encouraged to bring your own apron, as well as ordering your own ceramic tools from us.