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Exhibition |椅麗 Kirei

✧ 椅麗|Kirei ✧

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| 關於展覽 About the Exhibition|






”I yearn for a rest, yet I dare not to.“ This is how the chair speaks to us as an interim station and a state of mind.

The agony arises as quietude lingers; the urge to provoke change in stability, the fear of complacency’s plight, and the desire for more.

Stand up - the next move after sitting on a chair.

Imagine we are living in a world with only chairs, prompting us to lift up the spirit of ‘carry-on’. If this is how vitality looks like, then let it be.

The exhibition ”Kirei“ brings together the works of four local artists, exploring the form and spirit of chairs through different media. It delves into individual interpretations of and responses to ”brief rest“ and ”carry-on,“ presenting the beauty of each artist‘s ebbs and flows of life.

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| 參展藝術家 Featured Artists|

謝文熙 Aaron Tse @aarontse_art

伍穎欣 Amber Ng @amberlab_

王鎮濠 Harris Wong (Neck) @seeunecktime

黎鈞熙 Myron Lai @_norym_

| 展期 Duration|

5 January - 19 January 2024

週一至週五 Mon - Fri / 2PM - 10PM

週六/日 Sat - Sun / 11AM - 10PM

星期三休息 Closed on Wednesday

| 開幕式 Opening|

5 January (Fri) 7PM - 9PM

| Venue 地址 |

Useless Studio


Shop 105, 618 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, KLN, HK


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