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Ten / Solo exhibition of Beavis Yeung

Updated: Oct 1, 2021




An object carries life, and also shows the pursuit of aesthetics of creators and users.

We are proud to present our upcoming exhibition, Ten (in Chinese 合十, its literal meaning is namaskar). To ceramic artist Beavis, it means respect, desire, gaze and listening to one’s inner self.

In the past year, Beavis continuously explores a deeper level of self-awareness, which lays the basis of this art series. In terms of presentation, he creates this series based on the Baroque and Rococo styles derived from the Renaissance and hopes that the gorgeous and complex feeling they show still prolongs after a period of time.

展期 Exhibition Period:

2021/6/13 (Sun) ~ 2021/6/27 (Sun)

開幕式 Opening:

2021/6/12 (Sat) 17:00-21:00


展覽地點 Address:


Shop 105, 1F, 618 Shanghai Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK


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