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Call for Exhibition Proposal

【 展覽計畫徵集 】






It’s been three years since we opened our Shanghai Street store. It was a grateful journey for us, where we were fortunate to collaborate with many talented artists and bring several events to life.

Although we don’t have a super spacious space, we have seen many possibilities and innovative ideas happen here.

Stepping into our fourth year, we hope to see more artists join this journey. If you have any exhibition/event ideas, we invite you to share them with us.

We welcome proposals from any media with creative ideas and themes; there’s no nationality limitation, and you may apply as an individual or a group. If you are interested, please submit your proposal via the link in our bio. We will contact you after the application deadline. For more details, please email:


【 上海街分號 | 選物 & 體驗課室】

📍 旺角618上海街1樓105舖

🕑 1400-2100 (Weekdays)

1100-2100 (Weekends)

【 新蒲崗工作室 | 拉坯課室 & 恆常課程 】

📍 新蒲崗大有街32號泰力工業中心8樓6室

🕑 By Reservation


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